Preserve the quality of your hot, cold, or frozen food while preserving the environment as well with the EVC Series by Delivery Concepts.

The EVC Series by DCI stands for “Electric Vehicle Conversions”. These are electric vehicles optimized in single or multi-temperature configurations for delivering perishable cargo. Take advantage of the operating efficiencies of electric vehicles, while maintaining refrigerated, frozen, heated or even ambient temperatures.

Compartments are available in multiple sizes and custom configurations to meet your exact business needs. The ideal solution for gated communities, resorts, colleges and universities, airports, business “campuses” and more.

Quick Facts

  • Green – 100% electric vehicle with oven and refrigeration/freezer capabilities

  • Solar Panels provide additional power

  • Thermostatically controlled hot, refrigerated, and frozen compartments

  • Multi-temperature configurations

  • Custom shelving available Seamless, food-safe polyurea spray interiors available

  • Perfect for Airports, Colleges and Universities, Gated Communities, Resorts, Golf Courses, and more

  • Street legal to NHTSA CFR title 49-571.500

Enclosed Model EVC
EVC Riverwalk
Non-Enclosed Model EVC In New Orleans